Viorel Lupu awarded in Top 10 Science category @ International Conference RePatriot

International Conference: RePatriot – Top 100 Români de Pretutindeni

Viorel Lupu awarded in Top 10 Science category
October 6-9, Iași – Chișinău

The RePatriot Summit ( took place in Romania, Iași and Moldavia, Chișinău, had an agenda structured on working groups with topics of major importance for the economy. Of interest for our project was the Strategic Group of Artificial Intelligence and Technology, which proposes to accelerate the efforts to digitize the public administration, in order to facilitate an efficient interaction of the private environment with the state institutions.
The businessmen who attended rented their own train to take them from Iași to Chișinău to give a strong signal of connection and immediate action. The entrepreneurs who arrived in Chișinău were united with over 100 local entrepreneurs to share their experience and to engage in future collaboration projects.

At the event were awarded 100 Romanians from all over the world who do good things all over the world. Their selection is done following a process of nomination and support from key personalities in the business world. Another 100 Romanians from the Diaspora who have excelled in 10 key areas, who consistently choose to get involved with confidence and dedication in the economic, cultural and social development of Romania. The scientific director of Legitim-ID project, Viorel Lupu, was awarded in the Science category.