Mission and Objectives

The objective of this COP 2.2.1. project and implicitly of the consortium defined under the association agreement is to create an IT product that will help companies of any size (including SMEs) to benefit from efficient solutions in the field of Digital Identity, in order to increase the efficiency of their activity, by optimally processing large volumes of data.

These IT systems help SMEs and public organizations embrace digital technologies and build their internal capabilities to take advantage of growth opportunities in the digital economy.

Delivering the innovative product involves a simple approach to the adoption of digital technologies by SMEs, aiming to increase their competitiveness.

Specific project objectives

SO 1 – The specific objectives of the project management activities required to implement the project are:

  • the project implementation team will ensure that the activities are carried out according to the Project Implementation Methodology, aiming to achieve the specific results related to each activity, using efficiently the resources allocated to each sub-activities in order to obtain the equipment and the innovative product within the deadlines of the Activity Schedule by the end of the 24-month implementation period.
  • the implementation team will ensure the monitoring and control of the project activities over a 24-month period in order to achieve the project results.
  • the financial officer and the management team will ensure that all expenditure is charged to each budget line, by implementing each step necessary to commit expenditure through their own budgetary monitoring methods and mechanisms by the end of the 24-month implementation period.
  • creation of 3 new jobs.

SO 2 – The specific objectives associated with the operational elements are as follows:

  • the beneficiary will ensure, using efficiently the allocated resources, the provision of 54 pieces of equipment necessary to carry out the specific activities of the project, planned over a period of 24 months.

SO 3 – The specific objectives in financial terms are:

  • increase the profitability of the partners, through the commercialization of innovative products, as a result of the implementation of the project, with an aggregate average of approximately 50% in the first 3 years post-implementation.
  • creation of a portfolio of customers that will contribute to the increase in turnover by introducing and marketing innovative products, with an aggregate average of 5% in the first 3 years post-implementation.
  • the beneficiary companies will aim to achieve a positive cumulative cash flow through the activities carried out and the growth of the customer portfolio over the entire project period, i.e. 3 years post-implementation.