LegitimId at Expo Dubai 2020 – Romanian Pavilion

Internet service for counterfeiting detection, protection of originals, trademarks, implementation of anti-fraud measures

Dubai, February 15, 2022: Visitors at the Romanian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020 can test LegitimId technology developed to combat fraud, protect the originals, trademarks and prevent counterfeiting. The application installed in the Romanian Pavilion shows how the originals of the works of art can be protected. Two paintings are exhibited – original and copy – while the visitors can directly and immediately determine the authenticity of the artworks, simply by using their own mobile phones and the LegitimId application.
The LegitimId Internet Service is one of the first results of the Romanian research and development project, SMIS 129617, carried out through the financing contract between the Romanian Digitization Authority as Intermediate Body for the Promotion of the Information Society (OIPSI) and the consortium of companies Online Services, Widecom Systems and Next Planet, in the interval 2020-2022, having an investment value of 9,399,133.18 lei.
The objectives of the LegitimId project include researching current standards, rules on personal data protection and critical infrastructure, designing and implementing an Internet service on digital identity focusing on the person, protection of the person, usefulness and value to the organization (issuing organizations), design and implementation an Internet service to combat fraud, protect originals, trademarks, and implement anti-counterfeiting measures.
Digital identity is a concept that has evolved continuously and changed significantly in the last two decades. The need to assert and prove that we are who we are and what we are has become an essential aspect of the social contract. The current economic situation and health have highlighted the importance of digital identity at a critical level, which a few years ago was not so high. Social distancing, remote work, interaction with the state or private institutions without physical presence require communication systems, multimedia, security, security, digital identity, authentication, authorization, laws, enforcement rules, regulations, liability.
“We are pleased to have the opportunity to present the first results of our LegitimID research project in the Romanian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. We have made this demonstration of the LegitimId authentication service in collaboration with the artist Dorin Apreutesei. We wanted to draw attention to the importance of protecting original works and preventing counterfeiting in any field of activity. We chose the works of art so that the demonstration would be impactful and those who stop to admire the painting could easily determine, immediately, which of them is the original and which is the copy.” – said Mr. Viorel Lupu, General Manager of Online Services, the company that runs the LegitimId consortium.

Genuine-by-LegitimId®: Determining the original
Two similar works of art are presented, one is the original (painting 100x100cm, oil on canvas, signed Dorin Apreutesei), and the other is a copy, a printed version on canvas, with high resolution, with the same dimensions. Original has a built-in chip that connects to the LegitimId server. The LegitimId server has all the information you need to determine the digital identity of genuine artwork. It is able to authenticate and verify the digital identity of the original.
The LegitimId service https://legitimid.com/xf ensures real-time web certification using NFC technology available in mobile phones (smart), uses unique unpredictable codes through original built-in NFC chips (documents, diplomas, parts or sub-assemblies, packaging, seals, works of art, etc) and validated in real time via the Internet. Security is ensured through encrypted communication channels (encrypted TSL) using dynamically updated digital certificates. It uses its own redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure.
Everything can be copied and reproduced, but the digital identity of the original cannot be counterfeited. LegitimID determines the original and, through the high level of assurance of the authentication solution, prevents fraudulent activities in various fields of creation and production.

About LegitimId www.legitimid.ro
Strategic research project in the South-East, South-Muntenia and Center development regions during August 2020 – August 2022 (9,399,133.18 lei) through the Competitiveness Operational Program; Priority Axis 2 – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a competitive digital economy; Investment priority 2b – Development of ICT products and services, e-commerce and ICT demand; Specific Objective OS 2.2 – Increasing the contribution of the ICT sector to economic competitiveness; Financing agreement between the Romanian Digitization Authority as the Intermediate Body for the Promotion of the Information Society (OIPSI) and the consortium of companies (Online Services, Widecom Systems and Next Planet);
About the artwork www.apreutesei.ro
The work “Dew Drops” is one of the pieces of the Spira Mirabilis collection, the theme chosen by the plastic artist Dorin Apreutesei for the graduation project of the Faculty of Painting, UNArte Bucharest.