2022: the year in review – Legitim-ID

All hope after the COVID pandemic was restored in January 2022. Although there have been signs that global supply chains will affect our research and development efforts, mainly in the implementation of disaster recovery infrastructure, we remain optimistic given the demands of our partners regarding the implementation of European student identities, ensuring legality in the processes carried out remotely, the integration of people with disabilities, the use of single digital identity (SSO) in web authentication through modern OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols, etc.

Finally, the year was marked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and created an unprecedented global crisis that affected the economy, society and people’s lives. Business has been hit by international trade issues after years of pandemic restrictions. As a result, the final stage for the Legitim-ID project, August 2022, has been postponed to 2023. Despite all the shortcomings, the team continues to deliver results.

Review 2022

This report is a review of significant achievements for Legitim-ID project, with details on Research and Development, Product Management and Marketing.